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We know food


When photographing food, it really takes a team who understand it, loves it, and is passionate about telling the story surrounding it.

At Visual Cuisines, we are a full service digital photography studio that is bustling with activity every day of the week. That’s because we are dedicated to offering the highest quality food photography available, technically and visually.

We can deliver on this promise because we know all aspects of food - where to get it, how to light it, and how to style it and because - It’s all we do. We don't "also do food", it's our specialty. 

As an Orlando-based leading food photography studio, we are all about THE WORK we produce for our local and international clients for their global marketing, and advertising campaigns. 


A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, principal food photographer Susan Bourgoin began her professional career as a chef. Quickly realizing she loved telling the story of the food more than preparing it, she recognized the tremendous opportunity custom food photography presented. Therefore shifting her studies to photography at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. Upon graduation, she worked as a food stylist for a few years before opening the Visual Cuisines food photography studio. Since then, she has helped hundreds of companies present and sell their food and drinks through digital and print advertising, editorials, and books.

Susan Bourgoin, food photographer/owner


Our team of food stylists and assistants is always cooking up something in the kitchen, filling the studio and office with delicious aromas of mouth watering recipes for restaurant menus, advertising campaigns, food packaging and editorial use.
Meanwhile, you can find our creatives hard at work behind their macs editing images and projects for technical and visual accuracy before delivery to the client.


In addition to our custom food photography work at Visual Cuisines, we have created an online stock food photography site, where we focus on curating a high-quality collection of 100% exclusive food and drink photos that you can’t find anywhere else. www.PickFoodStock.com

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

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